Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hand Crafting Update

After spending quite a bit of time yesterday locating the top of my dining room table I was able to make the hubs one of his gifts as he was out with the guys. Sorry no photos cause he reads my blog but I will post one after Christmas. SD and I watched girlie movies, made dinner and I did some sewing.

Today aside from picking up our tree and decorating it and the house and making cookies I plan on devoting all my sewing time to my brothers quilt top. My goal is to finish the top by Tuesday of this week at the latest. Then I will need to get fabric to back it (maybe a middle layer too) at some point, tack it down in several places (a nontraditional way of quilting it) and binding the edges. Then that gift will be done.

I started two knitting projects. These fingerless gloves for SS which I have now ripped out three times. I have made similar gloves with cables with no problems but these are just really stressing me out and I'm not certain why.

I am also making a scarf for my mom with extra yarn I bought for my wrap. I am using the same pattern but making it only three squares wide. I was knitting on that at lunch last Thursday and somehow screwed it up. I am going to try and fix without ripping it all the way out.

I ordered this yarn in the "Wicked Witch" colorway for SD's tabi socks on Friday. I hope it comes really quickly so I can knit those socks up.

With two and a half weeks until Christmas I better get my but in gear!

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