Thursday, July 29, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me

Last wednesday was my birthday. No significant number was reached but I am really close to one next year.

A huge coincidence was Chrissie Hynde performed at my office that day. What a great birthday gift! My hubby and a couple friends were able to come. My friend Rory got his guitar signed and she even played it a bit.

She has a new band called JP, Chrissie and the Fairground Boys. We got to hear four of the songs off the record. It's great. Go check it out!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moving Towards Minimalism

C and I have been focusing lately on the minimalism movement. This really seems to fit our ideal way of life sans children. We have been chucking unecessary items from our life for a little while now and it feels good.

We have a bit more to do and there is the inevitable question of how minimalist we want to be. People like Everett Bogue who has only 100 personal items. Or, Rowdy Kittens who has lived without her car for a while now. Both of which make their living from their blogs and ebooks. Or Frugal Babe who owns a home and grows a lot of her own food.

In the future C and I want to live in a small house like this on a lake making our living in the film industry.

Will we give up our 50" flat panel TV and extensive DVD collection? Will we give up our car? Will we end up living in a tree called Earthchild like Butterfly and Flower in Without a Paddle?

To find out, check out the new blog, Enuff Stuff C and I are writing together.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Link Love

I came across this blog a while ago called Better After. This gal has people submit before and after photos of repurposed items. Brilliant. I have seen some totally awesome and inspiring items from her blog.

Today is dedicated to "the boys" and I am so digging the silver dresser with the green glass nobs!

Go on over and check it out!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

All The Cool Kids Are Doing It - 20 Questions Link Back

Ok, you know the drill. Fill out the questions and link to Under The Sheets. Leave me a comment so I can see your link too!

1) Dressing up or casual? I am a casual girl though when the occasion calls for it I love to dress up.
2) Most original Halloween costume?
3) What would your talent be if you were participating in a beauty pageant? Flag twirling.
4) What do the words retro boutique design mean to you? Out of the box, vintage/hostorically inspired, creative, cool and right up my alley!
5) What do you see as your greatest achievement? Trying to raise two teenage SK's.
6) What household chore pacifies you? Folding laundry and watering my yard.
7) Favorite type of weather? Not too hot and not too cold - how is that for vague?
8) Do you sleep with the sheets tucked in or out? Out - when its hot there are no sheets.
9) Do you have freckles? A small amount.
10) Favorite kind of sandwich? Roast beef, Reuben Chicken Bleu
11) Can you hold your breath without holding your nose? Yes
12) What’s your name spelt backwards? Nerak - Anyone seen The Watcher in the Woods?
13) What message is on your voicemail machine? You've reached Karen, I'm not available but please leave a message!
14) What was the name of your first pet? Brandy
15) Do you believe in karma? Absolutely!
16) Do you believe in luck? Absolutely!
17) Do you have a nickname? Karna (pronounced - care na) & Penguin
18) Are you a shopping addict? Nope - its taken a long time though.
19) Favorite superhero? Wonder Woman & Laura Croft
20) Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate

Run now and post your blog post!

Monday, July 12, 2010

The New Bar

We have had this dresser for several years that has morphed from being a craft cabinet to a bar and many things in between. We decided it was too big and took up too much real estate in our dining room. Not to mention the amount of clutter it collected. So last weekend, armed with a tape measure, we went in search of a new bar.

I thought I would end up with a smaller dresser that didn't have cut outs on the side like our old one. I really was not sure what I was picturing but when we saw it we knew immediately. We were at a yard sale and there sat a little shelf no more than a foot deep and the perfect height. I so would have paid ten bucks for it - alas it was not for sale.

After a few more yard sales, our last stop was Cost Plus World Market. What do you know, there sat the exact same shelf. The price was a little steeper being brand new and all but at least it was on sale.

Below is the old bar. As you can tell, I am not a huge fan of dusting. C has a bunch of model cars all over and those little cut out shelves received several of them. This is not the most flattering photo since the top and sides are a mess from moving stuff to the new bar area. It's totally cleaned out inside though. I have to find homes for a few items and then post it on Craigslist (with a better photo of course) and then we will have as easier time getting around the dining table.

Here is the new bar in all its cleaned and organized perfection. This is where we had our little computer desk before our PC died and we went with a laptop. **Side note. My curtains do not go all the way to the floor which I absolutely hate. The reason for this? A baseboard heater below the garden window with an outlet directly over it in the center of the wall. Try hiding that cord!

I actually like that it is open because we can see exactly what we have. I think I am going to put the four glasses in the middle shelf in our kitchen cabinet for regular drinking and put our four martini glasses down in their place. I am not too thrilled with the stack of stuff on the bottom shelf to the right. There are two cigar boxes that hold bottle stoppers, corkscrews, C's flasks, etc. There is a tin case that holds coasters, a wooden match box and a leather cigar case.
However, I love that it takes up less of a footprint and moving this little shelf will be so much easier than the old dresser!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Decluttering - The Aftermath

So, last month I spent A LOT of time decluttering the things from my life. Our condo is looking and feeling bigger than ever now that we have the items we love and use on a regular basis where we can find them.

I came across this blog post which could not have come at a better time since I am now contemplating all the books on our book shelves. What to keep and what to sell.

I do like the idea of putting everything you don't use often somewhere to come back to later and sort of wipingthe slate clean. If you need something you can retrieve it. I do think I was pretty ruthless when I went through my closet but I bet there are still items I can pluck from the rods and shelves that I know I could donate and probably not think about again.

My personal email box is so full its not even funny. I have over 400 emails. Tell me, when amd I possibly going to get to all of those? I already have folders that I can file most in and for the rest I can just create a "if I need it" file to go to later. I really should delete some of my folders too. A clean inbox is a wonderful thing.

I have a little time this weekend. I could probably take all the books from one cube of my book shelves and make decisions on them. I know the ones I am not keeping are going to be posted online to sell. I have a lot of hard back books I would like to make some money on so I can put that on the credit card balances.

Sunday it's a world cup party at my sisters house.

Have a great weekend!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

Have a fun and safe 4th of July wherever you are and whataver you do! We are headed out on a friends boat for the day.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July Goals

It's a new month full of fun and projects.
  • Fourth of July
  • World Cup Finals
  • My Birthday

I have my decluttering done so I have a few projects that came out of it.

  • Photos - scanning, sorting and giving away
  • Scrapbook pages - for the niece and nephew
  • Backyard - pavers for the grill area and new deck

Bring on the fun and sun!