Friday, July 9, 2010

Decluttering - The Aftermath

So, last month I spent A LOT of time decluttering the things from my life. Our condo is looking and feeling bigger than ever now that we have the items we love and use on a regular basis where we can find them.

I came across this blog post which could not have come at a better time since I am now contemplating all the books on our book shelves. What to keep and what to sell.

I do like the idea of putting everything you don't use often somewhere to come back to later and sort of wipingthe slate clean. If you need something you can retrieve it. I do think I was pretty ruthless when I went through my closet but I bet there are still items I can pluck from the rods and shelves that I know I could donate and probably not think about again.

My personal email box is so full its not even funny. I have over 400 emails. Tell me, when amd I possibly going to get to all of those? I already have folders that I can file most in and for the rest I can just create a "if I need it" file to go to later. I really should delete some of my folders too. A clean inbox is a wonderful thing.

I have a little time this weekend. I could probably take all the books from one cube of my book shelves and make decisions on them. I know the ones I am not keeping are going to be posted online to sell. I have a lot of hard back books I would like to make some money on so I can put that on the credit card balances.

Sunday it's a world cup party at my sisters house.

Have a great weekend!

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