Sunday, February 24, 2008

Home Improvements Don't Always Go The Way You Want

My hubby started replacing the carpeting in our condo with parquet flooring before I even moved in (almost seven years ago). We have been gradually replacing all the carpeting in our condo with this same parquet flooring a package at a time as we could afford it. Wouldn't you know, the company who makes it has decided they are not going to carry the old stain we have been using anymore?

The color on the bottom of the below photo is the color we have throughout our condo. The color on top is what is available in the same size.

We are down to finishing up our bedroom. The last room of the house.We have decided to finish the flooring in this lighter color, then sand, re-stain and finish the floor so it's all one uniform color. Ug!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My House Is Levitating

My hubby and I have been taking stock of household items we no longer need. Today we sold a vintage vanity (the mirrors are not fastened but sitting on the top of the vanity in this photo) we have no use for. It's going to make some little girl very happy. I still have the dresser and bed frame for this set. Can't quite part with it all.

We went through a bunch of stuff and we have TONS to donate today. It seems like every time we donate we think we have gotten rid of everything we can possibly get rid of. Then we find more...

Still working on my Lady E. It's quite an arm workout now since it's about four feet long. I do a few tiers at a time and then put it down for a while. It will probably be finished during the hottest part of summer. I hope not. I need to make a Knit Picks order and will update soon! Of to the movies to see Jumper!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Happy Belated Heart's Day!

I never used to be such a fan of Valentine's day. I'm still lukewarm about it. My wonderful husband had these flowers delivered to my office. It was a nice surprise. We saw the movie Fool's Gold. It was pretty cute. One of the coolest things that happened yesterday is my company offered Valentine's for people to buy and give to other co-workers. All of the money collected went to Northwest Harvest. We were able to raise $451 in one day. How cool is that!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

TBOZ - The Book of Zombie

This is not a knitting post. Although I DID do some knitting while on set. Last summer I costumed and was an executive producer for an indie film called The Book of Zombie.

Check out and vote on the trailer. Warning - it's a little gory. You will have to scroll down a little. It's on the left hand side of this myspace page and it's the seventh entry.

Normally, this is not what I am in to but I was asked by a friend to do the costuming and ended up being an executive producer. That is a fancy way of saying I paid for the priveledge of costuming and producing a film. Not to mention the complete lack of sleep throughout the summer of 2007.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Dogs & Knitting

I have completed another 6 tiers. That doesn't sound like a lot but it has probably added 8 inches to my wrap. An update photo of just Lady E would be just boring at this point so I decided to have my dog model it for you. He hates getting his picture taken. It took me about six tries and right at the last second he would move. This is as good as it gets.....

My hubby had to distract him from the camera. That is why he is looking away. Isn't he the cutest?