Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Wrap Up

February was interesting. Still a hard thing for me to get motivated to work out other than my Sunday walks with my friend. The hubs car is leaking something again so we have to take it back in to the shop. They are shocked and we are hoping its a warranty item. At least the hubs can carpool with his step dad. That will give us the opportunity to save the money to get it fixed rather than rack up more credit card debt.

Financial (Budget vs Actual)

Income $4135 - $4115.54

Bills $2044.06 - 2041.78

Loan Payments $735.43 - $736

Credit Card Payments - $572.42 - $223

Groceries $200 - $226.48

Gas $280 - $246.25

Mad Money $254 ($56 for coffee) - Coffee $115.13, Steamy Wear $80.63, Home Improvement $37.57


Walk 4 times - 2 walks and 1 gym workout

Wii Fit 8 times - epic failure

30 Day Shred 8 times - epic failure

Track food & water intake through WW site - going to cancel


Declutter bags in bedroom - started today

Go through my side of closet - done

Make/buy one Steampunk item - made "explorer" skirt and petticoat & purchased pith helmet, double loupe and new goggles

Complete one condo project - painted living room

I think what I am finding is the key for getting things done for me is balance. I need to work on all things as they are equal and not obsess too much about one particular thing. We will get there as long as we have the goal infront of us and we are moving towards it.

The hubs has started a series of movie reviews on his blog with me guest posting. Check it out.

Friday, February 26, 2010

"I Won A Tony Award"

Conversation between my sleeping husband and myself this morning at oh dark thiry.

The Hubs: "I need to go pick up my prize."

Me: "What prize is that."

The Hubs: "Every Tony winner get's a prize with their statue."

Me: "What is the prize?"

The Hubs: "I don't know but I'm afraid, people are crying after they get theirs."

Then the alarm went off. I told him how proud I was of him winning a Tony. He just looked at me confused. The hubs just cracks me up!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Totally Random Stuff - Link Love - Yadda, Yadda, Yadda

Thanks so much for the comments about how totally cute my Bon Jovi is! This is the first dog I have ever had and I am SO DARN LUCKY as he is actually the perfect dog. He's a total mama's boy and just loves to hang with me. All he wants is love and a warm side to snuggle up against. You can't ask for much more from a rescue. For those in the western Washington area, we found him through Ralph and Regina at Animals In Need. He was found living in a dumpster in Puerto Rico with his brother Bono. The German lady that rescued them named them - she must have a thing for male Rock Stars.

A friend of mine told me about this website called Exboyfriend Jewelry. A place where you can go and sell jewelry you were given by ex's. Their slogan, "You don't want it. He can't have it back". Here is my friends post.

I did a search for chocolate diamonds and no dice. Maybe they are still too new? Not that I need to buy anything right now anyway. I would totally wear this even though it is manufactured. I am not above the fake bling! There are even Chocolate cultured pearls. It's my new obsession really. All this talk about chocolate has made me hungry. What about this chocolate overkill? I think there are Strawberries hidden in there too.

So, now on to some link love which apparently I don't do often enough.....

Totally love Crazy Aunt Purl and all her ramblings! I own both of her books and she is so totally funny! I had to go back and start reading her entire blog which she started in 2005 (I'm on May 23rd BTW - some of it is stuff I read in her first book)! She is a knitter (it saved her life ya'll)who works for a large bank in LA as the creative director. I always wonder how creative you can be working at a bank. After all, I work in accounting and we can't be creative there. Thinking outside the box is like creating a really sweet spreadsheet with multiple tabs (linked together of course) and colored cells and formulas and cool stuff like that. Don't get me wrong, I love me some excel but I digress. She has cats but I don't hold it against her (we have one too). Do go check her out. I am so totally going to make the fish she posted about today this weekend! Less lemoney since the hubs doesn't like lemon. I love lemon so manybe we will each get our own fish made special for us.

Another fave budding writer (can't WAIT for her book to come out!) is Crystal at Brunette on a Budget. She's a sweetie and her hubby is on the cusp of graduating from law school. Send her some good juju by popping on over, she had to move in a blizzard people! She's a dog lover too.

Of course, the hubs, who has decided we are gong to be watching a movie a night for the rest of the year as a new project for his blog. We actually have enough DVD's to watch one a night for more than a YEAR! Good thing we got that 50" flat panel last summer! Don't worry personal finance peeps, we paid cash. Just need to find a more comfy couch.

As much as I am obsessed with chocolate diamonds right now, I am also obsessed with writing - no finishing a book of my own. Must start writing every night. Ack! Would love some suggestions for more blogs to read in the writing arena.

Twitter - I don't get it. Mind you, I have never tweeted or even checked it out. I am on FB (Facebook) though I don't post my blog there. If you want to be my friend there just know that. Send me a message. I have a few friends from the blog workd on FB. I do wonder, isn't Twitter just like the news feed on FB? My friend who has an ETSY site just joined Twitter. She's the Seattle Knit Chick. Yummy scarfs she just knits up in no time at all.

So, I am now going to settle in with some red wine and my laptop and see what the heck happens the rest of the night.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bon Jovi

Last night the hubs and I went to the Bon Jovi concert here in Seattle. What can I say, he ROCKED it! He sang songs from his over 27 year career. I love it when artists do that. The crowd was really involved and singing along. The video screens were great too.

Although the band was in Honolulu earlier this month, as announced at the concert last night, Seattle is the kickoff for his "The Circle" tour. Apparently JBJ keeps a condo here in town too.

Our friend has a job working concerts at the Key Arena and Jon Bon Jovi gave tickets to the employees. Since he was working the concert we bought the tickets from him for $20. We were in the nosebleed section (my crackberry was zoomed as far as it would go for the above photo) but it was still great. No luck getting backstage after the concert though.

All of the video screens and lighting hanging from the ceiling was the heaviest the Key Arena has ever had. There were no guys in the rigging but was all run remotely. JBJ was wearing a tracking device that would allow a spotlight to follow him whereever he went on stage. There were large video screens that would be moved around to create one large screen or sevel smaller screens.

Our dog is named Bon Jovi. He is a rescue and came with the name. We never changed it but what a great namesake I think!

Back to the real world of work tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Fever

Do you follow the Olympic games? I try to but working full time I can't always watch the events I would like. I live just north of Seattle and about three hours south of Vancouver BC. Every morning when I am on my way to work the traffic report now includes an update for border wait times. On average at 7:00 in the morning? Ten minutes. WOW!

We have a few local peeps who have already won medals such as Apollo Ohno, JR Celski. In fact, Apollo is tied with Bonnie Blair for most medals one by a US winter Olympian. Both speed skaters from Federal Way. There are several members of the US Ski team from our great state of Washington as well.

The US is in second in the medal count race with a total of 8. Germany is leading with 9 and in third place is France with 7. Canada, the host country is in fourth place with 5.

Catch all your updates here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Hearts Day

Just a quick note to say happy Valentine's day. I hope you spend it in a wonderful way.

Also, pop on over to JunkDreams for a chance to win in her drawing and to see all the lovely items she creates.

Lastly, I am about ready to make red velvet cupcakes from this recipe that has served me well. Headed to a Valentine's Day tea party.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Steamrats in Georgetown

Sunday we met up with a bunch of the Steamrats for a photo shoot to imortalize one of the rats rayguns he makes. The Georgetown area of south Seattle is old and has great atmosphere. The Rainier Brewing company got its start here.

Here is the hubs with one of the rayguns. I don't know the official name of said blaster. Could it possibly be a custom pneumatic aether rifle?

Darwin's Angels?

Fresh off the boat and ready for action!

Our friend makes rayguns out of junk he finds at the thrift store. We had a great time running around Geargetown taking photos.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Taco Del Mar - The Saga Continues

This morning as I was checking a joint email account the hubs and I have set up for communication with the kids schools etc. I found this apology email. The hubs had emailed the corporate office of Taco Del Mar and apparently they sent our email address on to the owner that I had dealings with. I have copied and pasted it precisely as it was written. I knew this guy was hard to understand in person but please.

hi karen &chris

am mike personaly apology from my heart what ever hapen from me about over charge by employe and that employe no more work on taco del mar. and also refund your rest $12.35 to cover your damage you can see this with couple day and again i am very sorry about that and apology again .please call me if any thing else ican do for you thank you mike

He also left me a voicemail yesterday essentially stating the same thing. This is the "face" of Taco Del Mar. I have no words.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Want My Two Dollars!

Remember that movie from the 80's with John Cusak called Better Off Dead where the paperboy follows the main character around yelling he wants his two dollars? Well, I felt like that paperboy and I have been been vindicated.

Sunday night the hubs and I went to our local Taco Del Mar for dinner. This is a restaurant my husband loves and there is a franchise really close to us. We have had problems with them in the past for charging us for the wrong items and making the wrong food. This time I discovered $2 more than my receipt came out of my checking account.

When I called the store to ask them about it I was all but accused of lying. I spoke to the owner who was completely rude and unprofessional (as were all the employees I encountered both in person and on the phone) and finally went in tonight to get my refund. Apparently the owner ran it through my credit card and forgot to call and let me know. I have a copy of that receipt as well as a copy of the original receipt I signed with SOMEONE ELSE'S HANDWRITING ADDING A $2 TIP TO MY RECEIPT AFTER I SIGNED IT!

It's not really about the $2. It's about the fact that I had money stolen from me. In fact, there were several other receitps in the stack that looked like they had tips written in the same handwriting.

Taco Del Mar is filing for bankruptcy. Interesting.

Monday, February 1, 2010

February Goals

Onward to February where we have a few plans already. A Steampunk tea and dinner with the hubs at the Melting Pot both for Valentine's day.


  • Income $4135
  • Loan Payments $735.43
  • CC Payments $572.42 (pay off card number two)
  • Bills $2044.06
  • Groveries $200
  • Gas $280
  • Mad Money $254 ($56 for coffee)


  • Walk 4 times
  • Wii Fit 8 times
  • 30 Day Shred 8 times
  • Track food and water intake throuh WW site


  • Declutter bags in bedroom
  • Go through my side of closet
  • Make/buy one Steampunk item
  • Complete one condo project

And that's all folks!