Sunday, February 28, 2010

February Wrap Up

February was interesting. Still a hard thing for me to get motivated to work out other than my Sunday walks with my friend. The hubs car is leaking something again so we have to take it back in to the shop. They are shocked and we are hoping its a warranty item. At least the hubs can carpool with his step dad. That will give us the opportunity to save the money to get it fixed rather than rack up more credit card debt.

Financial (Budget vs Actual)

Income $4135 - $4115.54

Bills $2044.06 - 2041.78

Loan Payments $735.43 - $736

Credit Card Payments - $572.42 - $223

Groceries $200 - $226.48

Gas $280 - $246.25

Mad Money $254 ($56 for coffee) - Coffee $115.13, Steamy Wear $80.63, Home Improvement $37.57


Walk 4 times - 2 walks and 1 gym workout

Wii Fit 8 times - epic failure

30 Day Shred 8 times - epic failure

Track food & water intake through WW site - going to cancel


Declutter bags in bedroom - started today

Go through my side of closet - done

Make/buy one Steampunk item - made "explorer" skirt and petticoat & purchased pith helmet, double loupe and new goggles

Complete one condo project - painted living room

I think what I am finding is the key for getting things done for me is balance. I need to work on all things as they are equal and not obsess too much about one particular thing. We will get there as long as we have the goal infront of us and we are moving towards it.

The hubs has started a series of movie reviews on his blog with me guest posting. Check it out.

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