Monday, March 1, 2010

March Goals

Trying to keep balance in mind. I am going to revamp a little since things like our income and regular debt payments stay pretty much the same. I will report numbers at the end of the month. Here we go...

Finances - mantain minimum payments and place all but $500 of our tax return on to credit card debt. The $500 will go to savings. Possibility of joining a gym this month as well. Try to limit the amount of times I go to Starbucks and bring creamer to work to drink the Starbucks coffee there (free except for creamer cost).

Health - Continue with my free five day membership this week and possibly look in to joining said gym. If I do join I will probably go at least four to five times per week meeting my gym buddy there. Work on eating lots of veggies and fruit, drinking lots of water and smaller portions on higher fat or starchy foods. I am going to forgo Weight Watchers for now and just go with this plan. Since I will be working out so much more than current I think I will see a difference in the scale and my clothing.

House - Paint the bathroom and finish up the baseboard molding in the living room. Work on a plan for the hearth and mantle. Continue to declutter and donate. We painted our living room over the weekend (finally) and moved everything out of it but the couch and TV + stand. My husband verbalized what I was thinking by stating, "let's just bring stuff back in that we really use and need". That meant posting a chair for sale in Craigslist and donating a backseat full of items (including the clothing from my closet purge).

Here is to a less stressful new month!

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