Monday, March 22, 2010

Computer Shelf Gone!

About three years ago my husband installed a shelf in a corner of the dining room to house our PC. We always intended to build a little rolling cart for the tower and printer that could roll under the shelf when the computer was not in use. We got as far as my husband taking a circular saw to our old computer desk and cutting out what we would need to "temporarily" house the tower and printer. Notice the cords and clutter everywhere. Eventually I learned to look past this mess. You can see the old computer monitor behind the open laptop.

With the recent purchase of a laptop and wireless printer (returned the incorrect wireless router and need to purchase the correct one still) we have eliminated the need for the computer shelf in the corner of the dining room. This helps to increase the usable space in the dining area and reduce the amount of visual (and real) clutter in our tiny home (still need to touch up with paint).

As I have stated before, our condo is 900 square feet. Between the living and dining rooms we have gained back some of that and its being used for - nothing. It's so nice to have room to breathe in our space!

Now our laptop sits on our coffee table (my grandfather's WWII foot locker). We still have some wiring to figure out but after we get our new wireless router.

More photos of improvements to come!

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