Friday, March 19, 2010

DVD Storage - Living Room Remodel

After painting our living room and putting back only what we absolutely want in that room we discovered how deseptively large our little 900 square foot condo can be. We sold a wing back recliner and invested in some DVD storage from IKEA. It's not the exact thing I want but the hubs and I are realists and we figured we would never actually build what we need before kid number 2 graduates high school. So, click on over to the hubs blog to see our new DVD storage. Can you believe we actually need more already?

What he didn't mention is that above all that lovely DVD storage we found the perfect print. It's a black and white scene of a London street. There is an older style double decker bus in red. Will post photos after we purchase and hang it.


Mae said...

Good post... I saw a similar design your DVD storage in a famous designer magazine. Nice choice! Where did you bought it though?

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paisley penguin said...

Hi Mae! We bought the DVD storage at IKEA. Each unit is $5.99.