Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My House Is Levitating

My hubby and I have been taking stock of household items we no longer need. Today we sold a vintage vanity (the mirrors are not fastened but sitting on the top of the vanity in this photo) we have no use for. It's going to make some little girl very happy. I still have the dresser and bed frame for this set. Can't quite part with it all.

We went through a bunch of stuff and we have TONS to donate today. It seems like every time we donate we think we have gotten rid of everything we can possibly get rid of. Then we find more...

Still working on my Lady E. It's quite an arm workout now since it's about four feet long. I do a few tiers at a time and then put it down for a while. It will probably be finished during the hottest part of summer. I hope not. I need to make a Knit Picks order and will update soon! Of to the movies to see Jumper!

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