Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow & Ice = 2 Hours Late

Because of the snow we got on Saturday and the ice that is sticking around my kids snow schedule for school is in effect and they are running two hours late. I thought I would take the opportunity to post some of my Christmas decorating.

It didn't go as planned this year. I had an idea in mind but was unlucky in finding the right peacock blue colored Christmas balls. I then got inspired by some blogs I read on a regular basis and a new one I found.

Ki Naussauer was one half of JunkMarket and has since moved on to start her own company, Junk Revolution. Her message is Rescue. Reuse. Reimgine. Inspire. Check out her blog which you can also find on my blog roll to the right under handcrafted blogs. Check out this post of her guest room all decked out for Christmas. Inspiring!

Back to decorating which was minimal this year. Plans are in the works for next year though. Our tree fits in the corner of our dining room just perfectly. In fact, this is the first year I have had the experience of the tree NOT getting in the way of a regular traffic pattern (or doorway) in our tiny condo.

Sorry for the color representation - my dining room is actually an olive green but it doesn't photograph well. I even discovered the white balance accidentally (that is what happens when your SS just starts pushing buttons randomly on the camera and you don't read the manual) but it's still hard to get the true olive green color. The red you see peeking in to the photo is my kitchen.

Here is the centerpiece for my dining table. The tablecloth underneath it is from Halloween I just have not had time to make the one I want. That will happen in January (I hope). It's a true repurposing project. Can you guess? I'll give you a hint, I reuse white satin.

Another close up of my evergreen, tinsel and snow theme Christmes balls. This will be the decorating theme for my dining room next Christmas. I will make some white curtains to hang in place of my brown ones for the season, the new table topper I plan to make next month, hopefully will have the table base painted the correct color (right now it's aqua which I have thought about as another color element in the room) and make some white feather trees.

The bar area has my Santa moose which I will need to make a new coat for to color coordinate with my green, silver and white theme. I have an ornament set that spells Joy I hung over my frames.

Here is the bar top. I do plan to get some greenery from my mom's yard. Been too icy this weekend. The owl was a Halloween decoration from 07 that became a permanent resident. I think I may find a snowy white owl for the Christmas holidays next year. This is just to the left of my Christmas tree.

The living room didn't get much this year but I have big plans for next year which include my living room makeover. This little tree usually resides in my kids room but this year we have it out in the living room. I placed it on a silver cake stand and it's sitting on my Grandpa's WWII trunk we use as a coffee table. The ornaments and gifts under the tree we have had for several years. It was so cold yesterday we thought a fire would be nice.

Even Jeeves our butler and bearer of God sticks get's in to the spirit. He serves as a side table to our wing chair. Now that I think about it I don't think I have posted about my find. We found it at a thrift store for $20 and it reclines. Now to find a second and replace our sofa with an IKEA couch.

I have always wanted to do a theme tree but every year there are so many memories with our ornaments we always end up putting them all up. I think I may buy a short little two foot tree to do as a theme every year. Some of my favorite ornaments...

This sassy gal doesn't have a name yet. The icicle to the right is a set of six from my sister. Goes great with my green, silver and white theme. There is Herbie the love bug.

Here is a shot of the green and brown ornaments I was going to use as the theme in this room.

We have a star wars obsession her in our household.

The Millennium Falcon.

Queen Amidala

A Tie Fighter. There are more but this post is suddenly getting to sci-fi. We have the mystery machine from Scooby Doo.
And of course, no tree would be complete without an ode to addictive legal stimulants.

As I said before. Lot's of plans for next year. Putting everything out yesterday got me inspired. I have new Christmas stockings, a new wreath idea, a tree for my front porch, feather trees, curtains, a table topper and much much more. I will leave you with a photo of Santa Mouse. The hubs has had this since he was a kid and his huge plastic easr are kind of indearing.

Now to go put on long underwear and brave the ice. If we get the kids to school and it's bad out there I will be working from home today. Love that option!


PS. Just as I was finishing this post I got a message from Roland at Militant Ginger. I won his contest and get a chance to read his book! If you have not already go and check him out. You won't be sorry!

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