Sunday, December 28, 2008

2009 Goals

My goals for 2009 are pretty simple. In fact, simplicity plays a role in all of my goals for this year. I need to get back to basics and not get distracted from my end result.

Finances I have set up a detailed budget for 2009. The hubs and I plan to pay down our consumer debt by minimally $15,000 which is just shy of half of our consumer debt (not including interest). Any extra we can come up with will go towards debt as well. Our tax return for 2008 and $1000 of the stimulus check we received last spring will go towards needed repairs and new tires on my Subaru. Anything left over will be placed on debt. The hubs and I will be looking in to starting a home business and revenue from that will go towards our debt reduction.

Health My focus we be on getting back in shape and losing some weight. I have my twenty year high school reunion this summer which I am still not sure I'm attending. In the past I have been really gung ho in the beginning and have taken on too much at once which is a recipe for failure. Baby steps to begin with. Throughout this past year every Sunday morning at 7 I have been walking the mall with my friend. In January I will be adding ten minutes twice a week on my elliptical trainer and doing a Firm video once a week. The goal here is to increase Firm workouts to three times a week. As the weather get's warmer I would like to be more active outside riding my bike, hiking and rock climbing.

I also plan on revamping my menu. To being with I am going to cut back on carbs like bread and pasta and eat brown instead of white rice. The goal is for every meal to divide my plate and have 1/4 from lean protein, 1/4 from carbs/starches and 1/2 from veggies and fruit. Increase in water intake as well as decrease in coffee with Starbucks only once per week. Every Sunday will be my menu planning day for the week so I know what I need to get at the grocery store as well as what we are eating throughout the week.

Surroundings It's time to finish decluttering my home. My condo is not very big but there is so much stuff that takes up room. I have craft items I no longer need and piles of stuff that need to be gone through and a home found for them or they need to be donated. I will also work on not bringing more stuff in to the house. My big weakness is books and I have been utilizing the local library system a lot more lately.

I also have some condo projects that need to be completed if we ever hope to put our place on the market spring 2010 and move to a house. Plus, it would be really nice to have my surrounding look done instead of a hodge podge of furniture and accessories in the house. I am going to write down the projects I hope to complete this year and actually schedule them.

Fun I would like to find new ways to have fun and enjoy my family. Not all of these things have to cost money. Some of them will include things I have already mentioned like bike riding and hiking. Things like game nights and movie marathons are easy ways to accomplish this.

Here's to a great 2009!

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Roland Hulme said...

I'm just planning my new year's resolutions, but these are a great inspiration!

Really glad you got the book!