Friday, December 19, 2008

Hand Crafted Christmas Update

Sadly I fell short this year of completeing all of my hand crafted items. The socks for SD got started last Monday night and I have managed to turn the heel on the first one. That is where I am at. I have not had time to rip out (again) SS's first fingerless glove or the scarf for my mom. My brothers quilt just needs backing so that will be completed this weekend.

Tomorrow the hubs and I are making a Bonsai run to the mall for the rest of our gift shopping and to make up for the hand crafted items I did not complete. I would like to do some baking this weekend as well. The kids will each get their items when they are done with I hope to be pretty soon in the New Year and I plan on keeping them a surprise.

I believe I will need to start much earlier for Christmas next year.

How did you all do on your hand crafted efforts?

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Jenn said...

I have half a collar to go (plus buttons) and half a secret thing, but the secret thing will only take about eight hours. Hoping to be done this weekend. I've been doing Christmas stuff since September!