Tuesday, December 30, 2008

December Wrap Up

December was not as challenging even with Christmas. Our employer income stayed the same. Additional income of $775.40 in the form of...
  • $269.40 - the hubs bonus (after taxes)
  • $220.00 - health reimbursement from my company
  • $286.00 - cash out stock that was no longer publicly traded ($230 went to savings)
We have decided to take the $1000 we have in a CD that matures next month and put it in savings. Then combined with our tax return we should have enough to have the work that was done on my Subaru last spring done AGAIN cause they messed it up. We are hoping the new mechanic finds fault with the work so we can get reimbursed. That's a long story for another day. Anything left over will immediately go on debt.

We went over our Christmas budget by $15 but that is not too bad since we bought gifts for many people on $500 by shopping sales and making some hand crafted items. We also cut back a little this year but didn't everyone? More hand crafted items are in store that were not finished but I have learned to start early next year.

As far as monthly expenses we track such as groceries, gas, eating out and coffee.
  • Grocery budget $400 - actual $492.20 and we still need stuff for New Years Eve
  • Gas budget $140 - actual $125.56 (and my tank is FULL)
  • Eating out $136.12 which is $3.05 more than last month
  • Coffee $96.59 which is $15.32 less than last month
Goals for January...

  • Reduce debt by $1800 ($1095 on credit cards and $705 on loans)
  • Reduce eating out to $50 (date night with the hubs)
  • Reduce coffee to $50 (twice per week)
  • Increase grocery budget to $500
  • Continue walking on Sunday mornings with my friend
  • Add elliptical machine twice per week
  • Add The Firm video once per week
  • Increase water intake
  • Date night with the hubs (see eating out)
Hand crafting
  • Finish SD tabi socks
  • Finish SS fingerless gloves
  • Sew headband
Decluttering and Condo projects
  • Put away pattern pieces found in storage tub
  • Find homes or donate stuff behind the couch
  • Find homes or donate stuff along wall in master bedroom
  • Donate items already bagged
And there you have it. I think these are all attainable and I like the focus on several areas in my life. Here's to 2009!

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