Friday, July 18, 2008

Firehouse Glove Update

After not working on these gloves since I started them in March I decided to pick them up last night. I had forgotten how many rows I had already done in the palm area. I made my best guess as to where I had left off and completed the increase rows under the thumb. You can kind of see in the photo below where my thumb is and the waste yarn knotted below to hold the stitches for the thumb.

Below is a detail of the "cuff" for my gloves. There will be four buttons holding it together (the grey will button over the red). These gloves are kind of a modern take on an old fashion woman's glove.

I have actually completed the pinky and part of the ring finger since this photo was taken last night. A far cry from photos of the last time I posted about these lovelies. If you click here you can view my previous post from March and from there you can click on the link to knitpicks where I found the yarn and pattern plus see a photo of the finished product.

I noticed that the finished gloves are exactly the same stripe-wise on each of the fingers. I am not too worried about that. In fact, I am going to embrace the miss matched stripes I am certain to encounter on my gloves. I think I prefer it that way too.
Kind of like the "common myth which has developed that all Amish quilts contain a deliberate flaw because to make something perfect would be to challenge God".

These Firehouse Gloves (named after the yarn) will be perfect this coming winter!

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