Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Side Note

We interrupt this blog to pause for station identification.


Recently I started getting comments from someone who is basically spamming me. I have since turned on the approve comments feature. I am usually pretty good about monitoring my blog throughout the day and I hope this will be a temporary measure and this has not run you all off. My hope is that I can turn off the approval of comments within a week or so.

99.9% of you commenters out there are perfectly lovely, nice, wonderful, warm and fuzzy people and I am glad you visit me! One of the most satisfying things about having this blog is all of you out there who read me and are geniunely interested in my life and happenings. It really means a lot to me and I thank you for tuning in. :)

I was not going to address my rude poster before because I thought it was a one time thing. Hubby actually posted about it one day on his blog.

To the rude poster. If you feel that you don't get personal satisfaction out of reading my blog, please don't come here and leave rude comments. I'm certain there are other blogs out there you would much rather spend your time reading.


Back to our regular broadcast.

I had mentioned yesterday I wanted to do something to celebrate my 100th post. I am thinking about doing a giveaway but need to figure out what to give away. Hopefully by this weekend I will know what it will be. More to come but until then have a wonderful day!

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mre30seattle said...

I think this is good. Hopefully it will deter the little spammer.