Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tourists In Our Own Town

Last weekend was the 35th anniversary of the death of Bruce Lee. We happen to live north of Seattle where Bruce (and his son Brandon) are buried. So, off we went to Lakeview cemetery.

The area where they are buried is right off the road and right next to a gentleman who was interred in 1895. There are several other gravestones of various ages around them with a bench directly across from their headstones. Lake Washington is the view to the East (not pictured).

Apparently that day we had just missed the History channel and there were still quite a few people there when we arrived. One guy had even set up a video camera and was reading a monologue in to it.

Next to the cemetery is Volunteer Park which houses a conservatory and the Seattle Asian Art Museum. I walked by people doing impromptu theater in the park as I made my way to the conservatory. I found Waldo inside.

This bell was in the "Waldo Room". I imagine it's from some ancient temple in Asia.

The orchid house is first as you walk in the door. I love Orchids but don't have the right space in my home for one. I tried to keep one but sadly she didn't make it.

These photos were taken pretty close as there is wire mesh in front of them so you can't touch them. I stuck the lens of my camera between the bars.

One day I do hope to have a greenhouse of my own. As far back as I can remember I have fantasized about having a glassed in conservatory attached to my home. A room where I can sit and read from a hammock and feel like I am in some tropical location. Maybe even have a few birds and fountain or afternoon tea.

Conservatories are one of the "romantic" Victorian things I have never let go of idealizing. It represents to me a different time and laid back more gentrified pace of life.

The movie Greencard with Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell perfectly describes the more modern use of a Greenhouse I would choose to adapt.
Andy's character moves in to an apartment in New York with a conservatory. The montage of scenes where she takes it from old and worn out to a beautiful oasis is the coolest part of the movie for me.

Below is a photo of the ceiling in the entry. Most of the glass is clear with the exception of these pieces.

The conservatory has a carnivorous plant collection they feed every Saturday. One thing I learned about these type of plants. You can create a little lagoon area near your patio and plant these and they are just as good as citronella candles or bug lights. They will keep your patio bug free.

The size of some of the plants are huge! You almost feel you are in a tropical jungle at times. I don't remember what temperature they keep the different rooms in but there is definitely a mugginess to the air.

If I lived in an area of the country that was warmer I would probably have some of these plants in my garden. I do have a trumpet vine and hope that it lasts the winter.


mre30seattle said...

Say, is that a 1987 325is in the background of the photo of Bruce and Brandon Lee's head stones?

Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

Beautiful photos!! Volunteer Park any time in Seattle is a great place to visit thanks for sharing.