Thursday, July 17, 2008


Remember that scene in The Wizard of Oz where they are running through the Poppy fields and suddenly get really tired? As a kid I never understood why they got so tired and well, trippy running through a field of flowers.

As I got older and more knowing to the ways of the world I came to understand that you could get Opium from Poppies. That just blew my mind that a flower so pretty (and one of my favorites) could have narcotic properties. It all made sense that particular scene from a favorite childhood movie.

My poppies are starting to bloom. I had thought I bought something that would be a little more orange red but I am excited none the less.

Quite often I see a really great variety of red poppies growing in groups along the road near my house. It makes me want to keep a little trowel in my car so one afternoon I could just stop, jump out of my car, dig some up and bring them home to my garden. Maybe one day I will....

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