Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Trash The Dress

I came across this article on unclutterer today that really has me thinking. I have been married a little over four years and my wedding dress has been in it's bag either hanging in my closet or stashed under my bed since then. I did at one time attempt to sell it on Criagslist with no luck. Maybe because the best man spilled champagne all down the front and I have never had it cleaned? Hmmm.

It's funny too because there were elements of my wedding that were not very traditional and my wedding dress was going to be one of those things. I wanted to wear a floor length white taffeta skirt with a small train and an incredible white angora sweater. I had also planned on making a white taffeta wrap lined with plaid to match my hubby's kilt. All of the bridesmaids were going to wear something similar (in color). Problem was I could not find a great angora sweater for me OR my bridesmaids.

Enter the wedding dress - which I really did love. I had wanted to keep a part of the dress and re purpose it in to something and until recently I could not think of what. The dress has the greatest trim detail on the skirt. That is the part I love and want to preserve somehow.

I have a round dining table and thought I might use the trim to go around the edge as a tablecloth topper for more formal occasions (of which I don't have many). I really like the base of my table (with the exception of the color - we are going to strip and re stain it soon) and I would want to show it off.

Before that though I think it would be totally fun to have photos of me doing totally mundane or weird things in my wedding dress. Like mowing the yard or washing dishes or walking the dog. This just makes me laugh and I think it would be a fun weekend project. I'm just weird that way. Email me with your crazy ideas for my photos!


mre30seattle said...

You could have series of black/white photos of you in the wedding dress servicing one bronze 1987 325 is. :)

Love you!

paisley penguin said...

Excellent! Do I get to smear grease on my face?

Kelly from Almost Frugal said...

I rememeber seeing somewhere, but can't remember where, a photographer who took these very dark pictures of women destroying their wedding dresses... swimming in ponds, wallowing in mud, etc.

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I love the idea of photos of you doing yard work, changing the oil. Go for it!

Or, take off the trim and use it for that table cloth trim or a runner for special occassions.

I wore a linen shirt and pants from the Gap for my wedding, along with blue birkenstocks and a lovely veil made by me and my mom. Donated the pants last year (so very out of style). Still have the veil ... somewhere.

L@SpillingBuckets said...

Haha, we've got a 1984 BMW 5 series - I totally appreciate the 1987 325 is.

Anyways - I think you should pull Britney Spears and wear it out on the town one day - getting groceries, going to the movies, etc.

:) Cool idea.

paisley penguin said...

We love our BMW! If you go to my hubbies blog (he's mre30seattle or he's on my blog roll as a kilted travel agent in Seattle) you can see a photo. I know he blogged about it recently. It's like another child for him (not certain where the BMW stands in the pecking order of kids, cat and dog. Nice to know someone else who likes an older BMW! :0)

TIGHTWAD said...

Love the new look of the site!

Check this out: