Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Advertising Is Everywhere

I have noticed that we as a society are constantly bombarded with advertising. Weather it's on the radio, TV, the internet, in our mailbox or commuting (on the bus, train or in your car). I think we get so bombarded with it that we don't really "see" it. I firmly believe this is one of the reasons I am in debt. I think I "need" all of these things!

I look around my house and can count the many items that were impulse buys or something I felt I needed but really it was a want disguised as a need.

Every time my hubby and I decide to not buy any unnecesary item it seems so hard. For example, we had planned to go the Pacific Northwest Scottish Highland Games this weekend. We missed the last four years and really wanted to go. If you include admission fee, parking, gas, food, etc. we are too poor to go. We started justifying that it was my birthday and we needed to celebrate etc.

That kind of attitude is how we got where we are right now. We are definately going to celebrate but closer to home and for a lot less money we have (and are not borrowing from savings or using a credit card for).

Here's to not giving in to advertising!


Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

It's hard to avoid pitches. Everywhere, someone is trying to sell you something.

Sorry you'll miss the games:-(. FYI, for next year, try the Skagit Valley Highland Games up in Mt. Vernon. It's a smaller games, but still they have the athletics, sheep dogs, lots of bands and the all-important beer tent. Free parking too, and it's a shorter drive than Enumclaw.

My sweetie used to play drums in a pipe band, so I've been to dozens of Highland games (even one in Scotland itself:-)

paisley penguin said...


I had heard about the Skagit games but we were not around that weekend. May have to check them out next summer.

Hubby played bagpipes in highschool (can you guess which local school?) and wants to pick that back up again.

He wore his kilt for our wedding. If you click on my flickr page you can actually see more photos.

Can't wait to go to Scotland! :)