Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have started a new diet. This is day three of my new diet. I was super thrilled to start this new diet. I am sick of this new diet.

I'm not entirely certain if the problem lies with the fact that I fell and cracked my head open Sunday and am just not back to my old self or if this program is just not for me or if I am just a cheapskate who doesn't want to spend the money on the food (it's expensive). Hubby and Small Town City Girl are doing it with me. STCG actually started this plan two weeks ago. You go eleven days on the plan and three days off for a total of fourteen days. She lost 9 pounds so of course I wanted to jump on that band wagon.

I could change my mind by the time my eleven days are up. I could decide to combine this plan with something else like Weight Watchers. You know, this plan for two weeks then a week of WW and repeat the three week cycle (or two weeks of WW for a four week cycle). In any event, I am not a ray of sunshine today.



small town city girl said...

I'm sorry you hate it. :(

paisley penguin said...

I was cranky yesterday. I don't hate it I just think I should have waited with my head injury and all. I feel much better today. :0)

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

Good luck with your plan. I changed our whole family's meals after reading "Good Calories, Bad Calories" and other books on the ideal human diet. More meat and veg, far fewer grains. The kids love the dinners and everyone seems to be doing well. I didn't fully cut out sugar though, we do still have dessert.

Tell us more about what plan you're doing!