Thursday, June 12, 2008

Vacation Day 4

OK, this morning we did put down the fourth coat which is the clear glossy polyurethane coat. While this was drying hubby and I ran some errands and stopped by to visit my mom.

I also spent a little time planning our next vacation. This will involve a plane and lots of sun. Our three choices were Savannah, GA, Key West FL or New Orleans, LA. We are pretty certain Savannah has won as they have the best (read least expensive) airfare from Seattle. That doesn't rule out the other two. We are going to use a week of my parents timeshare and the only one in the Savannah area is on Tybee Island. As long as they have availability when we want to go then it's a done deal.

We plan to celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary while away. Possible sight seeing will include a ghost tour and the movie tour for Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which I first heard about ironically on This Old House.

Getting back to the project at hand. We were able to paint the first coat of paint in the closet. This photo really doesn't give it justice but it really is a lighter blue than the walls. If you look where the floor meets the wall you can see where the paint stops. Chris wants to do one last coat of clear polyurethane on the floors before a second coat of paint in the closet.

It's back to the fold out couch for one more night. Early tomorrow morning we will be able to move our furniture back in to the bedroom and start on the closet organizer. We plan to go to a matinee of The Happening before we pick up the kids tomorrow. Our week of vacation is almost over but if we had done this over the course of a few weekends it would have been pure hell!

Next time we take time off there are no condo projects involved but a road trip east of the mountains.

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