Monday, June 16, 2008

Bedroom Update

Hubby decided he really wanted to get the shelf up under the TV. It's the same dark brown/black color as the shelving in our closet and the color of the floor with silver braces on either side. We had a dresser there which was holding our DVD player as well as storing clothing. We don't need it now since we have our grand new closet. The two dressers we used to have we gave to the kids and got rid of their old dressers which were not really working for them.

Visually the space is more open and looks larger and less cluttered. The old dresser we had under the TV came out as far as the hamper you see in this photo. We plan to replace the hamper with something else. Maybe a dark stained wicker basket.

Up close photo. I LOVE having only the DVD player, cable box and the incense burner up there! We do have a couple DVD cases - but only what we watched yesterday.

I wish we could say we were finished. Along with the additional shelves we have to wait to come in at IKEA we still need to do the baseboard and crown molding in here, construct our headboard and I would like to find a chair for the large empty corner between the bed and the closet.

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