Monday, June 9, 2008

Vacation Day 1 Completed

I'm going to attempt update what was accomplished each day of our vacation.

Today we moved most everything out of the bedroom with the exception of our bed (covered in a tarp cause hubby is using the saw in the bedroom - sawdust is everywhere) and a dresser that currently holds the DVD player (so hubby could watch movies while working - our TV is mounted to the wall).

Here is a pile of sewing projects that was in a corner of the bedroom. Curtains to hem for our bedroom, a yoga mat I bought supplies for two years ago, a second pair of curtains for the front of our garden window and curtains closest to the window that need to be hemmed. All of these were completed today.

Here are scrapbooking supplies that were under our bed. They now reside in my dining room and I don't intend for them to go back in to my bedroom. I need to go through them, get rid of what I don't want and put the rest that I want to keep in the bins in my hallway bookshelves.

For the bedroom - which is the main focus this week.

I was able to shorten our bedroom curtains (they had been pinned up) to keep them away from the heater (put in a terrible place in my opinion). Not to mention de-fur them. The cat loves to sit in the window and her hair was everywhere! Sounds like I didn't do much but I spent a lot of time at my sewing machine today (see below).

Hubby spent all day finishing up the flooring in the bedroom and closet. Tomorrow we hope to sand the floor in preparation for stain and possibly get a first coat of paint in the closet (the paint may have to wait). He even managed to get flooring pieces under the existing shelves in the closet. Amazing. This shelving will eventually go when we have purchased all of our closet organizational items.

The fabric pictured below is left over chenille from the shower curtain I made for the bathroom and paisley brocade from a covered lamp shade on my side of the bed. I'm thinking a throw. I did sew the chenille together but need to run to the fabric store and see if they have more of the blue and brown paisley brocade to edge my throw with.

We have a garden window in our dining room which makes it really hard to create curtains for. To complicate things even more there is a heater on the wall under the window (another badly misplaced one) so the long curtains I wanted in the front of the window (to puddle on the floor) were not going to happen. I was able to shorten the one set of curtains in the dining room closest to the windows and and make the second set of curtains. The window is bare as we still need to hang them.

Tell me what you think and ideas are welcome!


small town city girl said...

You have been a BUSY girl! I'm glad it's all working out well. ;)

paisley penguin said...

Thank you! I think we will be happy when this week is over and this stumbling block is no longer inour way.