Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vacation Day 3 - Update

The second coat is on the floor. I like it better already. This particular stain has a polyurethane in it to make the floor a bit glossy which is what I wanted. The Ebony did not have that in it. Hence the dull finish of the first coat. There is a bit of red in this color as well which warms up the floor. The Ebony was just too cold and flat.

While waiting for the second coat to dry hubby and I went to lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. There is only one Rainforest Cafe in Washington. It's at a mall not near us but it is near IKEA. The entire interior of the cafe is a jungle theme with vines and jungle animals and a waterfall. They also have huge tanks full of saltwater fish. We went because we had a gift card that we had not used. It's definately more of a place for kids but the food was good. Below is one of the gorillas in the cafe.

Then we went to IKEA to get the rest of our closet organizer.

Last night we put the third coat down which looks much like the second coat. It's still not as glossy as I would like so we are going to get a fourth coat down of a clear polyurethane finish to achieve the glossy shine we want.

The photo actually shows the floor redder and glossier than in person. I really had hoped we would be moving on to painting the closet this morning. We need to paint two coats before we can install our closet organizers. The entire contents of our bedroom are in the kids room, the dining room and the living room. We need to go pick up the kids tomorrow evening and if we can't get most of our bedroom put back together before then we will have to get them on Saturday morning as they won't be able to get to their beds to sleep.

Wish us luck!

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