Monday, June 9, 2008

Vacation Day 1

Today marks the first day of "vacation" for hubby and I. We decided since we don't have a lot of money for a true vacation getaway we would stay home and finish our master bedroom floor. That involves pretty much clearing out the entire room, finishing laying down the floor, sanding it, staining it and sealing it. Not to mention painting the closet and installing our new closet system.

The photo below is Chris prepping the closet floor for goop to put down more flooring tile. Our carpeting was old and there is cement under the padding. You can see some of the bedroom wall color in this photo. It is brighter than in person. The wall color for the closet will be a lighter sky blue to match our bathroom.

This morning after I get off the computer I plan to empty out the bedroom and closet. If we finish all of the flooring today I can paint the closet and we can rent a sander tomorrow. Chris has really bad allergies so he wears this mask whenever he is doing something dusty. He looks like he is preparing for war.

Over the course of the last couple years we have been taking out carpeting and laying down this parquet flooring. The darker color below is the color we have been doing throughout our condo. Unfortunately, by the time we got to our bedroom they discontinued this brand of flooring and all they had left was the lighter color. That is the reason once we finish getting the flooring down we will have to sand and stain it all a uniform color.

Wish us luck!


Jenn said...

Sanding and resealing our floors and installing new closets systems are on our to-do list, we'll get to it someday, I guess!

paisley penguin said...

Tell me about it. This has been on our to do list a LOOOOONG time.