Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brazil 3 - Canada 2

Last night hubby and I went to the Brazil vs Canada soccer match here in Seattle. It was held at Qwest field which is the current home of the Seattle Seahawks and soon to be the home of the new Seattle Sounders FC MLS soccer team. A minority owner in the new team is actor Drew Carey. My hubby is stoked!

As expected, Brazil pretty much dominated Canada's end of the field the entire night although Canada did make more of an effort in the second half.

This guy was one of the many wearing Brazilian flags and green hair.

Both of the teams headed out on to the field with their pint sized escorts.

This guy danced through almost the entire game. Some Brazilian fans had brought drums and were playing non stop.

A lonely Canadian fan in a sea of yellow.

Hubby and I enjoying beer, garlic fries and of course a soccer match!

One of the few shots that my camera took that was NOT blurry. Note to self - need a better digital camera.

This guy ran across the field after the game was over and the players had returned to their locker rooms. He was cuffed and escorted out. Ignore my hubby's thumb.

More Brazilian fans. These people were with the band of drummers.

One thing I thought was cool but didn't really understand. After the game many of the player switched jersey's with a player from the opposite team. I wonder why they do that? Hubby and I had a great time!


L@SpillingBuckets said...


Just found your blog and love it. :)

I love soccer - that game sounds awesome! I wish I had time to play and see more games...

paisley penguin said...

Thanks, glad you like the blog!