Sunday, June 15, 2008

End of Vacation - Room Almost Finished

It's been busy the last couple days around here. I am sore and tired and have not been on the computer since Friday morning. We have installed (almost) everything we could in the closet. IKEA ran out of shelving so we still need to get about six more shelves when they come in ten days from now. We have items to return as well.

We have hanging clothing on each side of the closet and drawers, shelves and shoe racks in the center. This shot is my side which needs another shelf (above my purse) and I still need to put some clothes here. My purse will probably not live here. It's hard to tell in this photo but I have left enough room under the drawers to store my sewing machine. The right side has the same configuration and my sewing basket is under the right set of drawers.

We have overhead long term storage. This bin holds scarfs, hats, gloves, etc. We have another that holds extra bedding. We have a total of three of these boxes but need more shelving before we can put the other up.

We can get twelve pair of shoes on these four racks. We are not certain if we will get more of these and less shelving. Some shoes even fit under the bottom rack (like my Uggs pictured here). The rest of our shoes are in the third bin under the hanging clothing on the right of the closet.

Here is the right side of the closet where some of our hanging clothing it (you can see the third bin temporarily sitting here). The only thing I wish I could change would be the closet to be twelve inches wider so the hanging clothing did not sit slightly in front of the drawers and shelves on either side of the back of the closet. Oh well, at least we ended up with a pretty efficient closet system. I really like the industrial look and the floor matches the shelf and drawer color perfectly. Now it looks like we meant to do the floor the way we did.

Even thought today is Father's Day hubby still wants to install a shelf under our mounted TV for the DVD player. Then our two old dressers will go to the kids and we will get rid of the dressers they have now. Our old dressers will be sanded and painted but not this weekend. Hubby came home with a rug I have been wanting from IKEA. It was in the marked down area and was only used as a floor model. It was $100 off and will go in my living room.
More updates as we complete them but the hard part is over thank goodness!


SpillingBuckets said...

Hey! I had to check out your site after you commented. Looks pretty cool. I also love knitting, movies, and living simply... although I've fallen behind with knitting lately. (I've been working on a sweater vest since last summer, and only have the back done)

And I love your slogan "take life with a grain of chocolate." yummy, that's way better than a grain of salt. :-D


paisley penguin said...

Spilling buckets - Thanks! Love your blog and yes, life with a grain of chocolate is yummier!