Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Agatha Christie and why I HATE Video Games

I caved. We bought a Wii on Sunday. I had been thinking about buying one. Ever since I saw the Fit Board commercial on TV I have been wanting a Wii. The Fit Board enables you to do Yoga etc on a Nintendo game system.

Out of our entire household my hubby and SK's are game freaks. We have an X-Box system and I didn't think we really needed a new game system. SD was with us and when SS came home she freaked out. They played some game called Worms for hours. Hubby also bought Lego Indiana Jones. He bought me an Agatha Christie game cause I love me some mysteries to solve (LOVE Agatha Christie books/movies too)! I am stuck on Chapter 3 because I can't get a stupid scoop to take flour out of a bag to get to some batteries I need for my flashlight so I can investigate the upstairs. WTF!

Sorry about the language but this is one of the reasons I DON'T like video games. Too many rules etc to understand. I am not a gamer and I JUST DON'T GET IT! I spent a while online trying to discover cheats or hints in order for me to do what I wanted to do. Hubby has been playing for the last half hour to rescue me and figure it out.

I still will give the Wii a chance and if any of you out there can solve my flour scoop problem PLEASE comment! Maybe some red wine will help..........

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Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

OMG, I am totally with you!! I HATE video games, hate 'em. I can't stand the fiddly stuff you have to do and the incomprehensible rules. That's why I know the Wii is something else entirely, because *I* like it. You must get the Fit board--the balance games are addictive, the yoga really is a workout and there are fun aerobic games too. Have you played the boxing or bowling yet??