Sunday, June 8, 2008


A double post day! Every Sunday morning I get up at the ungodly hour of 6 AM to meet a friend to walk at the mall by 7 AM. We usually get three laps in before we take a break and stop at Starbucks for our morning coffee and sometimes pastry. We usually chat for an hour or so especially if we can get the comfy chair before "Sunny" (more about him later). Then usually we do at least one more lap. If we have tons to talk about we will do two or three more laps instead of the one. I look forward to my Sunday mornings with my friend. It's sometimes really hard to get my but out of bed so early but within a few minutes I'm over the hangover of "need more sleep" and on my way. I met Mindy at a local Weight Watchers meeting a couple years ago. Back when I was going to quit yet again. It's been really great to have a supportive friend who understands just how hard it is to lose weight and stay within a budget.

Our chat this morning reminded me of why I started my blog in the first place. It really started as a knitting blog but soon I was reading other peoples blogs about things I was interested in (being debt free, living simply, healthy weight loss, crafts, repurposing, etc).

I'm a goal setter but not the best goal achiever. More than likely it's because I am overzealous with my goals. I always think if a little is good then a lot must be better and faster. Whenever I try to start losing weight again I don't gradually work in to it but go all out and end up dissapointed. When I try to become debt free my hubby and I put ourselves on a stringent financial diet and end up going to a movie or buying something because we feel like we have restricted ourselves too much and "we deserve it". The justification for we deserve it ranges from we are breathing to we work hard to we are not as in debt as so and so.

Today is a new day. I resolve to do the following....

1. Lose ten pounds. I need to lose more than that but ten is more easily achievable in a shorter period of time. Once the first ten pounds is gone I can move on to the next ten.

2. Put an additional $300 on my car payment. That will mean I will have my car paid off in 16 months. This extra $300 has already been placed in my monthly budget for my car payment.

3. Vacation savings. We received our tax refund check and it's sitting at our credit union. Later this week we are going to move $500 of it to our savings account and $1000 will be used to purchase a six month CD. This is money we may or may not use for our vacation next April. The honeymoon we never took.

4. Complete unfinished projects. I have curtains for the dining room, paint for the bathroom, flooring & closet installation for our bedroom to do. Plenty of supplies we have already paid for and are sitting around our house that need to be installed. Hubby and I are actually taking this week off to focus mainly on our bedroom but if items in other rooms are accomplished that is fine too.

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