Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Vacation Day 3

There is a fine layer of sawdust on every surface inside our house. Despite our best efforts to contain it to the immediate bedroom area.

Sorry I did not post an update last night. I was exhausted.

It took us about an hour last night to go around the edges of the bedroom with two palm sanders (thank goodness we have two) and completely prep the floor for it's first coat of stain. The first coat doesn't look like much. We bought ebony stain which should have been my first clue it was going to be black (duh). I don't know, the little 1 x 2 chip didn't seem so formidable. And unlike paint this is harder to fix if you don't like it.

Chris really got in to it by going back over some of what we had stained in his bare feet. Don't worry, pretty much all of it came out.

This morning we are going to do a second coat in Bombay Mahogany which is what we used for our new computer shelf in our dining room. It has some red in it which I wanted for the bedroom I just wanted a darker finish. I think with the base coat of Ebony we should get our achieved results, a slightly African Rosewood look.

After coat number two we are off to IKEA to pick up the rest of the closet organizer we are installing.

Stay tuned for more photos!

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