Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Where Did All The Yarn Go?

So last night I was knitting along on my Lady E and was getting down to the end of the skein of yarn I was working on. I started looking for another skein to tie on and discovered to my horror I have no more left.

This could be due to several things. I could be a loose knitter therefore taking up more yarn that is necessary to complete the amount of tiers in the instructions (I didn't do a swatch). Or I could have lost some skeins in my house (totally possible). In any event, I have ten more tiers to go (twenty rows) plus the end row of half triangles. I could stop now but really want to go those ten tiers. Plus, I really think after I put it out there in a poll I want to do the fringe.

This means I will need to wait until this weekend to buy more yarn. I was on such a roll! At least that gives me time to work on other things around the house while I am not knitting. This is agony!


Roland Hulme said...

I added you to my blog roll! I hope you don't mind! I always love a gal who can spin a good yarn! (That was a knitting joke... :-))

paisley penguin said...

HeHe-Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! You are too funny!