Monday, September 29, 2008

A Bed for BJ

I love old suitcases. I have a few from my grandmother and hubby turned a couple in to stools. I had this other one I really loved but it was sitting in our storage unit taking up space. I discovered the pillow our dog sleeps on would fit perfectly inside.

I ripped out the old lining and sprayed down the suitcase. I purchased two croquet mallets at one of my favorite stores, cut them in half and screwed them to the bottom for legs. I bought two brown leather belts at the thrift store that I will cut to go around the legs. The left over belt I might use for the handle as you can see in the photo the old one is pretty used.

For the lining I covered some quarter inch foam core board for the top and bottom and some poster board to line the lid and bottom. I hot glued the liner in to place first which made the top and bottom insert fit perfectly snug. All I had to do was add BJ's pillow.

And BJ of course.


mre30seattle said...

Oh look at how much he loves his new bed. And he actually cooperated for the photo.

I helped out too!!! :)

small town city girl said...

CUTE! It turned out great! Does he love it?

Les@SpillingBuckets said...

What a great idea!

paisley penguin said...

Yes, BJ loves his bed and slept there all last night. Typically he would lay on his pillow for about an hour and look forlorne so we would have to let him up on to our bed.

Monica said...

That is such a clever idea!