Friday, September 12, 2008

Organic Eating

Last winter hubby and I tried to eat Organic because of a book I had read. It was pretty expensive and we bought mostly organic prepackaged foods. Yesterday we had a nutritionist come to our office for part of a healty habits initiative our company is sponsoring. I found out so much great information that I plan to include in our daily meals and move us to an organic way of eating. This time though - more fresh options and less prepackged foods.

Last night for dinner we had grass fed beef (which I had bought at PCC before we had the nutritionist come in) and it was really good! Hardly any fat at all and a wonderfull taste. We also had sweet potato fries that did not come from a prepared bag. So easy to make we are certain to have these over the weekend when the kids are down.

My substitutions were as follows...

Nutmeg (1 tbsp) for pumpkin pie spice
Cayenne (1/2 tbsp) for chilli seasoning
Olive oil (1 tbsp) for canola oil
I didn't have any aluminum foil so I put a little butter on the pan so my sweet potatoes would not stick.

Hubby got paid today, I have paid all of our bils, and now I get to go to PCC this weekend for some grocery shopping. I try to stick to a $100 a week food budget and that usually means shopping a couple times a week to buy food we need to last us for a couple days. This is working out pretty well so far.

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