Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Library

I am a certified bibliophile. Libraries are one of my favorite places on earth. I have always wanted a personal library in my home. Two stories with a wooden wheeled ladder, cozy chairs and a fireplace. The closest I have come is a wall of bookshelves in my hallway. One day though, even if it's just a corner of a cozy room, I will have a library.

As a younger person who had no money of my own I would spend hours at the local library reading and browsing. When I was able to earn my own money I spent quite a bit of it on books. They were crammed in the shelves of my bedroom and stacked on the floor. It drove my mom nuts!

Because so much of our current income is going towards paying down our consumer debt, I have decided to check out books I want to read instead of purchasing them. The wonderful thing about present day and the internet is I can go online with my local library system and place a hold on them right from my very own computer and pick them up at the location of my chioice!

It's really hard for me not to purchase the books I am anxiously waiting to come out. Especially the books by authors I am collecting and read over and over again. Some favorite authors are Clive Cussler, Cleo Coyle, Madelyn Alt, Agatha Christie and more.

I don't know if I have a favorite book. What's your favorite book or author?


mrsb said...

My favorite book, since I was young, has been "To Kill a Mockingbird" by Harper Lee.

I do have to say, that the Harry Potter books, especially the last one, come a close second. I am always a sucker for a misfit and I love every darn kid in those books.

paisley penguin said...

Yes, I do love the Harry Potter series!

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

I've saved so much $$ by using the library. I used to buy the latest sci-fi or fantasy; now I use the library.

paisley penguin said...

I just got an email that five or six books I placed on hold Tuesday night are ready to be picked up. So, on the way home from work I get to stop at the library. Yeehaw!

Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...
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Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

Love Harry Potter too. I audio book via library at work; sweet cruise through the day.