Thursday, September 4, 2008

Coffee & Weed

Those of you who know me IRL know that I am addicted to coffee. Not just any coffee - Starbucks coffee (good thing I live near Seattle). I literally can go there every morning (provided I have the funds) for my tall iced non fat no whip mocha. I wonder what my drink of choice says about me?

This morning hubby made coffee in the french press in preparation for our attempt at saving money by bringing our own coffee to work - the horror. He added some chocolate syrup and 2% milk (normally I prefer skim but whatever - when hubby is making coffee I am a happy camper) and we were on our way.

It was as close to the aforementioned Starbucks as I have ever gotten. When I arrived at work I took out a glass from the cabinet in the kitchen, added ice and poured my delicious mocha beverage over it. Pure ecstasy.

My non caffeine addicted supervisor does not understand my relationship with coffee (it's a religious thing for him and I can respect that) but he does understand the first sip of the day and waiting to hit me with anything until that has been achieved - god bless him! I do believe this will reduce the amount of my hard earned money Starbucks will receive every month. I will still go there occasionally - after all, they are my company's biggest customer. You might even say they are partially responsible for my livelihood, my condo, my car and yes my iced tall mocha habit.

Aside from the wonders of a caffeinated existence I have recently discovered Weeds. This show is so totally awesome and so cleverly written! I love the characters even though the show is set in a rather exclusive burb of LA. Hubby and I watched six episodes in a row last night. Our neighbor and friend can't wait for us to get current on episodes. I'm actually considering getting Showtime just so I can watch season four even though I am only halfway through season two.

For those of you who have not been enlightened, the basis of the show is the main character, a rather modern gal named Nancy Botwin played by Mary Louise Parker is a widow who needs to find a way to pay the mortgage. She chooses to sell cannabis as a way to support her family. Perfect really, she rakes it in while still being home for the kids after school. Nancy's accountant (played by Kevin Nealon) has a daily habit that keeps her in business during the early year of her venture which soon branches out (pardon the pun) to a grow operation. Her frenemy Celia Hodes (played by Elizabeth Perkins - love her!) is a damaged social climber with a conscious. Totally screwed up and determined to live vicariously through her daughter who defies and actually hates her.

This show is a total departure for me. I'm not pro pot or anything. I just think it's funny.


billbradley73 said...
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mrsb said...

Sorry about the above message, forgot to log hubby out!

What I was saying, though, was that I love to watch weeds! Great show!

paisley penguin said...

No worries on the other comment. Our second disc of season 2 arrived today! Cant wait to watch it.