Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Thought North Carolina Was The Tar Heel State?

Yesterday hubby and I came home to a freshly paved parking lot at our condo complex. We knew it was going to happen and took our extra car to my parents house. What we didn't expect was NOT TO BE ABLE TO GET TO OUR FRONT DOOR!

Our overflow parking lot was not paved for the simple reason one homeowner was out of town and his car was parked there. The parking is set up that they paved right up to the fences that seperate the parking lot from the moat of plants in front of buildings. There are walkways from the pavement over the moats to get to front doors. However, no way from the overflow lot to the walkways.

Hubby and I gingerly picked our way through the parking lot trying to stick to what looked like dry areas. We couldn't help notice others footprints in the black tar as we went. We both slipped a couple of times but neither of us fell thank goodness.

I have emailed the property manager to see about reimbursement for our shoes. Naturally hubby and I were wearing our most expnsive pair each. Typically we are a Converse sort of couple but yesterday hubby was wearing his dress shoes and I was wearing my Uggs.


Celtic Sprite Seeking Knowledge said...

Wow sounds like a well thought out plan ...Not ... hahahaha Idiots Let us know how goes the Driveway Wars & new shoes too!! Thank God you didn't fall or maybe a little one Ka-ching.

Sallie's Niece said...

That stinks! I want to get Uggs! They should AT LEAST cover your shoes - you could have been hurt by the dangerous condition they caused.

paisley penguin said...

Hubby's shoes were actually bought to go with his dress kilt. They are the lace up the leg kind of shoes but he wears them with work pants sometimes. Mine at least were bought with my Christmas bonus. In any event - they should be replaced.

HaHa - Driveway wars!

mrsb said...

Eek, what a mess! I hope they come through without giving you a hard time.