Friday, July 3, 2009

New Month

I posted an updated budget last Sunday and I need to update a few numbers here as well as my goals for the month of July.

Coffee - $73.85 ($61.79 less than last month)
Groceries - $298 ($102 less than last month)
Savings - $310 ($285 more than last month)

This months budget is a little in the air. My parents have decided to give the hubs and I a loan. We have not figured out all the details yet. No interest vs the low interest I proposed due to the amount we are borrowing. They are in limbo waiting for some money to come to them which in turn means we are in limbo.

Income - $4974.66 (the hubs get's paid three times this month)
Bills - $2032.43
Debt Payments - $1500
Groceries - $300 (increase due to camping trip and five weeks in the month)
Gas - $210 (increase due to camping trip and five weeks in the month)
Save - $500
Left over - $432.23

So, I may have to make the minimum payments on two credit cards before we see the loan. The debt payments will be roughly the same amount depending on if we make our first payment to my parents this month or not.

The cool thing about the loan is the low or no interest rate and we will pretty much wipe out all of our credit card balances and our personal loan balance. The only reportable debt we will have is our mortgage, our car loan and the hubs student loan. That means we can refinance our condo sooner rather than later and get out from under our interest only loan and we might even get a better interest rate.

I have some decluttering and gardening to do this long holiday weekend. The weather is wonderful!

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