Friday, July 24, 2009

My birthday is next week and I have been trying to think of a how I want to celebrate. There is a local winery that has concerts in the summer time. My absolute favorite jazz singer will be performing there next month and I desperately want to go.

I'm totally down with the general admission price of $49.50 per person. General admission means you sit towards the back and you bring your own chair or a blanket to sit on. However, you can bring a picnic meal. The only condition is you can't bring in your own alcohol but have to buy it on site.

How perfect of a Saturday night with the hubs would it be to sit out under the stars, listening to Diana Krall with a yummy picnic spread and a bottle of red wine? Perfecto!

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change is a good thing said...

Oooh, I've been to this before, it's amazing! :) Hope you go and have a great time! I love the Ste. Michelle winery, it's so beautiful out there! Have a great birthday!