Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cool Junk

I have been a fan of Junkmarket and Junk Revolution for a while now. I love the idea of taking old junk and repurposing it in to new things. It's a creative way to recycle and I dare say my mom has been doing this for years (strawberries in an old bathtub behind the garage anyone?). The mantra for Junk Revolution really says it all...Rescue / Reuse / Reimagine / Inspire.

I have the house to myself today and decided I would look for cool ideas to spiff up my house junk style. I am a pretty creative person but sometimes I have a hard time seeing what could be when I look at junk.

Here are some inspirations for you all. The next time you are thinking of throwing something out - maybe you can reuse it in a new and clever way?

My bathroom may or may not be big enough for this towel valet idea but I will file it away for future use. You can find the entire post about this rusty makeover here.

Now, who would ever think that an old hot water bottle could turn out so darn cute! I don't know this would have sprung to mind if I had seen it at the thrift store in its "natural" state.

As a film buff I think this little side table is so very awesome! It has an industrial look to it with the glass top and you could make it movable by adding casters to the legs.

I have a wall in my dining room that would be perfect for this dresser turned bar. I even have a dresser I can use. Its currently serving as a bar but it is not so easy to access bottles, glassware and such. I believe there is some cosmetic surgery in that dressers near future.

Sometimes all it takes to reuse something is to turn it over. This old table was flipped over and turned in to a cat bed. Her highness is sure to be pleased with her royal new crash pad.

I made this bed for my dog from an old suitcase my grandma had. I love old suitcases and this get's used daily. My dog LOVES it! The legs are croquet mallets with an old belt wrapped around it . He's shy and doesn't like his photo taken for some reason.

Snazzing up an night light with an old cookie cutter.

For more junk ideas I check out the junk camp blog and the JunkMarket Style website.

The original owners of Junkmarket, Sue Whitney (who still owns it) and Ki Nassauer (now owner of Junk Revolution and the author of the Junk Camp blog - Ki is on Facebook too) have written a couple books I highly recommend to get your creative juices flowing. Can you imagine entire rooms decorated with junk to fit any personal style? Check out Junk Beautiful and Decorating JunkMarket Style.


Ki said...

Thanks for the kind words and good job on your suitcase dog bed! Love seeing my old Country Home Cool Junk column projects recycled! Have a great summer!!

paisley penguin said...

Thanks so much Ki! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! Wish I could come out for the Bonanza - maybe next year. :)