Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Camping at Baker Lake

We returned Monday from our four day camping trip to Baker Lake Resorts. Unfortunately this will be our last year camping here due to them shutting down next summer to increase the day use area. This happens to be where we camp every summer. It opens up an opportunity to find a new favorite place to camp. Below is the view from our site on to the lake.

The kids managed to meet some other kids their own age and we pretty much didn't see them most of the weekend. One of the girls they met gave our friends son a mow hawk (my SS is behind him).

They managed to get some volleyball in although I don't think the net (or ball) was regulation height and size. My SS managed to play in his hot pink skinny jeans. Our friends son (wearing my SD's green jeans) played as well. Apparently the new thing is for teenagers to trade clothes - doesn't matter the sex of the person they came from or not.

Others chose to chillax (yes a new teenage word) in the sun. I believe the 80's are coming back in to style. My SS is on the right.

There was fire...

and Vodka (this represents a small fraction of the portable bar).....

and dogs....

and little people in babushkas...

and babies.....

and the Triple Threat (friends SS, my SD and friends daughter)...

We had great weather until Sunday. We woke to an overcast sky and a cooler day. We had thunderstorms with a light smattering of rain throughout the day. Then it dumped on us that night. Not to fear with the blue tarp the size of an airstream trailer over our site. We were nice and toasty dry. All of our tents were under the trees so none of us got wet while we were asleep.

I actually attempted to make bacon and chocolate chip pancakes the first morning.

The kids did A LOT of swimming and hanging out with their new friends (they have been texting with them ever since). Below, my SS rockin the over sized sunglasses and our friends son with his mow hawk.

There was cliff jumping which I did not endorse but did get photographic evidence of.

In the mornings there was a mist that hung over the trees.

Lots of moss covered branches too. Someone mentioned they looked like velvety moose antlers.

All in all it was a great weekend. I stopped counting mosquito bites at 25. They don't itch too bad. Oh yeah, the morning we were packing to leave the hubs lost his balance and accidentally tossed something through the back window of our car.

My friend had an extra vinyl shower curtain in her airstream that we were able to cut and duct tape in the window area. It actually worked pretty great - not a lot of highway noise with this. I highly recommend this type of patch. My insurance company works with a mobile window replacement company that came to my office yesterday and fixed the window. Thank goodness - I didn't want to invite people to break in to my car.

But before I went camping - I had my hair chopped off. I look mad in this photo but I was concentrating on taking a photo of myself.

July is halfway over!

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Money Funk said...

What a beautiful place to camp! Too bad you won't be able to camp there again. :(