Friday, July 31, 2009

July Wrap Up

July was crazy expensive.

I am NOT happy to report the following...

Coffee - $144.61 (increase of $92.61 from last month)
Eating Out - $100.65 (increase of $24.10 over last month)
Groceries - $524.57 ($174.57 over our budget (include camping food)and $268.57 more than last month)
Gas - $210.18 ($35.18 over but we went camping and did a little more than normal driving this month)

We planned to put a TON in savings and that just did not happen.

Savings - $465.85 ($55.85 more than last month but $634.15 less than planned)

I don't know what it is about camping. It seems like such a low key inexpensive way to vacation with friends. Here is the breakdown...

Groceries $125.51
Liquor Store $20.95 (the hubs needed to stockpile his rum before the trip)
Gas $30.68
Three Nights Camping $75
Total $252.14

Coming up in August we need to buckle down and get back within our budget not to mention stick to a healthier eating routine.
  • Pay off personal loan
  • Pay off six credit cards
  • Save $525
  • Birthday Gifts for niece, nephew and my mom
  • Concert tickets to Diana Krall at the winery (for my birthday)
  • Get hubs BMW diagnosed
  • Track in food journal

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