Saturday, August 1, 2009

In Bloom

Finally my Crocosmia has buds on it. For at least a month or so I have been seeing Crocosmia blooming all over the area and wondered what was wrong with mine. I separated it all out a few months ago. I had decided to buy one plant and keep it in a pot where I could move it to maximize its sun exposure then dig all of mine up and move it to the entrance to our parking lot at our condo complex.

I got home today and they are budding!

My Nicotiana is going strong but I bought more today causethe price was right and I have a planter to fill.

The Clematis I thought I ripped out this spring is doing nicely (sorry for the washed out photo).

In the shade of the corner of the yard my impatiens that I bought a couple months ago are still going strong.

They are in a blossom bag and I highly recommend them. My tomato in the topsy turvey has a few flowers but nothing much else happening there.

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