Tuesday, August 4, 2009

#56 in Things That Make Me Happy

Deep baseboard moldings.

Tonight the hubs and I went to Homer (Home Depot) and picked up thirty feet of 4 1/2" deep MDF baseboard molding. Total cost $25.72. We are purchasing and installing a little at a time as we can afford it.

Mind you, we are not even close to being finished with baseboard molding for the entire house. But, since our condo is under 900 square feet it won't be a terrible expense. The stuff we were looking at before we found the MDF was going to cost us $42.96 for 24 feet. Vast improvement and a savings of 52 cents per foot! Yay for saving money!

Of course this has to be painted and the other stuff didn't but I don't care. The cost of the paint will be way less than buying the other molding. Not to mention we are putting this in our bedroom and we will not be going with white molding so the original stuff we looked at would not work as it was already finished in white.

In just under an hour the hubs had cut and installed most of it. That is the wonderful thing about power tools, a compound mitre saw, a nail gun and an air compressor got the job done in no time at all.