Monday, July 20, 2009


My garbage disposal smells like a bar on some Caribbean island. No, I did not have a party. I have been decluttering. Before you decide the paisley penguin is a lush, let me explain.

We have this dresser in our dining room we use as a bar. The bottom cabinet had various half or mostly empty bottles of liqueur in it. When it comes to hard liqueur the hubs and I tend to stick to drinks made from vodka and rum. We had a bunch of fruity smelling alcohol that I know we are never going to use so we dumped it down the sink. My dad also has it in his head that I like Grand Marnier - nope. One large and three airline size bottles gone. We have probably emptied half of the dresser from various shot glasses, coasters and other paraphernalia. Eventually we will get rid of the dresser, once we have another place for the contents.

I am getting rid of these cool glasses that I just had to have and rarely ever use. Our last name doesn't start with O either (I apologize for the picture quality). The rim and the O is sliver - love.

I bought these glasses and tray at an antique mall. Probably paid way too much for them. We don't use them much either.

In my journey to be ruthless I have been decluttering like a mad woman, posting on craigslist and donating a TON. We have posted an elliptical machine, train stuff and the antique bed and dresser I had when I met the hubs. It was my aunts and although sturdy needs some cosmetic TLC which I am not going to have the time to complete. I debated turning the curved footboard in to the back of a cool couch but decided in the end to sell it. Plus, the bed is a full size - way too small for the hubs and I.

I love this dresser and will be sorry to see it go. I hope it goes to a good home.

All of this decluttering and donating and Craigslist posting I hope will not only open up my house but open up the possibility for the hubs and I to get this brown leather couch for our living room and this bed frame and headboard/storage unit for our bedroom.

I am on a roll. Tomorrow I am posting a serger that was free to me and I have never used because I never got it fixed.

One frustrating thing about all of this is the stuff sits around my house until its gone or I get rid of it. I have had interest from two parties in my elliptical machine. I have not heard from these people since I replied with my phone number. So frustrating when they sound REALLY interested and then don't follow through.


mrsb said...

I love decluttering. It's like having a whole new house!

Clean ClutterFree Simple said...

yay for the decluttering!

For the alcohol, one way to dispose of it (should you in the future find yourself with odd items) is to have a "Weird Drinks" party. Invite folks to bring the weird stuff they have hanging around in their drinks cupboard, you supply the mixers (seltzer, tonic, limes & lemons, grenadine, bitters, simple syrup and ice) and have a Mr. Boston or similar guide on hand. Fun will ensue!