Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obsession of the Week - Dreadlocks

Last September the hubs, our neighbor and I went to see 9 with my local Steampunk group. Having just joined and not owning any Steamy clothing or our own we still went to the movie with the group. While in line I saw a gal who was definitely more Punk than Steam with her hair in two messy buns worn high on her head. Her hair was in black and blue dreadlocks and it looked awesome!

I love the Victorian era clothing that Steampunk is all about but I really want a few things to make my look a little more Punk so I am determined to make my own pair from wool roving. The gal below I found on a forum. This is kind of the idea of what I am going for.

I can buy manufactured dreads at a site called Ragdolly or I can choose from tons of colors to buy and make my own. I love the colorway below but I would do brown instead of black cause my natural hair color is brown. These are not as "messy" as I would like and pretty spendy at $80 for one. I would need two.

I think I will look at trying to make my own out of brown roving. The contrast color I want to do is peacock blue and green. I like the way these dreads look below and how they incorporate some industrial elements in to them.

Dreads seem to pop up in Steampunk more often than not.

Even for men.

Now its off to the yarn sites to price roving! Sounds like a trip to my LYN this weekend is in order too!


junkrescuerbeth said...

Your idea for fashioning dreads from roving is brilliant! You can have a wonderful wardrobe of them in so many gorgeous combinations.

It was great fun to find your comment on our blog. We miss seeing you and Bon Jovi too!

Beth of Salvage Studio

Betty Boogie said...

oooo I have an idea, it was actually miss 4's idea but I'm adapting it..... when I work out the details I'll let you know. For now just know that the wheels are turning.