Monday, January 4, 2010

Jake is Feeling Better

So, first official day of the new year for me. Back on the weight loss bandwagon and back on the "follow my budget" bandwagon.

Already there is news of the not so good nature. We found out today the little leak we had in the hubs new (to him) car is going to cost another $3400. We have not even paid my dad for the car yet (hoping he reduces the purchase price do to the extensive repairs we have made thus far).

We have christened the car Jake from the movie Sixteen Candles. If you remember, Jake was the name of the guy Molly Ringwald's character was in love with (BTW - photo above is not our actual car but the same make, model and color). Our savings will not cover this repair so we will have to utilize our credit card. Not too happy about that!

On a good note, so far this week the coffee budget was $14 and I have spent $5.05. Whoohoo! I returned a couple small items at the fabric store which I was able to use for most of my coffee purchase after my Sunday walk and for our coffee tonight we had a free one coming to us on the punch card. I just wish I had been told there was a .50 charge for debit transactions under $5. If I had known I would have waited to use my freebie when I had cash.

I also still have $5.84 left in my grocery budget and $1 left in my gas budget for the week - but its only Monday.

Exciting news in the world of condo decorating. We will be purchasing baseboard molding to finish up the living room and have figured out a plan to move forward on the hearth and mantle redo. Photos and update to come soon!

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Monica said...

Happy New Year!
I'm sorry about the car issues. And I'm loving the Jake car. I also happen to have the Sixteen Candles DVD waiting for me at the library. :)
Looking forward to seeing your redo.