Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Wrap Up

I posted at the beginning of the month my goals for January which would set the tone for 2010. The first two weeks went fine. Then my office move happend and in the past two weeks I have worked about 100 hours. Moving on.

Financial (Budget vs Actual)
  • Income $4160.90 - $4121.11

  • Bills $2092.20 - $2075.12

  • Loan Payments $835.43 - $735.94 (no Porsche payment)

  • Credit Card Payments $600.08 - $285.24 (two emergencies but did pay off one card)

  • Groceries $250 - $362.17

  • Gas $280 - $264.50 (pretty good for not carpooling and me having to fill up more often due to more miles driven to and from work)

  • Mad Money $813 ($63 coffee) - $1221.93 (coffee $71.82) (due to emergency vet visit and new laptop purchase)

  • Savings $300 - ($429) (yes that is a negative number due to vet visit and new laptop purchase)

Health Budget vs Actual

  • Walk 5 times - 3 (illness and conflicting schedule which I rarely let happen)

  • Wii fit 8 times - 1

  • 30 Day Shred 4 times - 1

  • Water 8 glasses a day - did not track

  • Fruits & Veggies 5 servings a day - did not track

Personal Budget vs Actual

  • Go through closet - nope

  • Go through bags lined up in bedroom - nope

  • Plan DVD storage - nope

  • Plan mantle & hearth - nope

  • Baseboard molding in living room - nope

  • Make one item for Steampunk wardrobe - yep

So clearly I have not met a lot of my other goals this month. Wow, can't believe how quickly the days go by! I am going to actually write my goals down on my calendar in the kitchen so I can be accountable.

We did have some "emergencies" this month that were unexpected and we did not have the savings to cover all of. The vet visit for the dog we took out of savings. The laptop purchase went on a credit card and we are paying that off with our tax return.

February goals to come tomorrow!

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Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I think you did pretty darn good! High five!