Saturday, January 2, 2010

January 2010 Goals

Yesterday I posted about my year 2010 goals. In order to make them I need to break them down in to much smaller monthly bites.


Starting Balance = $762.27
Income = $4106.90
Bills = $2092.20
Loan Payments = $835.43
Credit Card Payments = $600.08 (one credit card paid off)
Grocery Budget = $250
Gas Budget = $280
Mad Money = $813 ($63 for coffee)
Save = $300 (laptop fund)


Walk - 5 times
Wii Fit - 8 times
Jillian Michaels - 4 times
Water - 8 glasses a day
Fruits & Veggies - 5 servings a day


Go through closet
Go through bags lined up in bedroom
Plan DVD storage
Plan mantle & hearth
Baseboard molding in living room
Make one item for Steampunk wardrobe

The hubs and I had a good talk about our budget and what Dave Ramsey would call being "Gazelle Intense" when it comes to paying down debt. Basically, being Gazelle Intense means getting $1000 in savings and then putting ALL extra money towards your debt. We have tried that, more or less, for the past two years and have fell short every month. We are just not ready to give up some of the things that mean being Gazelle Intense.

We are still committed to being debt free, our path is just going to be a little longer due to budgeting some fun in our lives. The difference is we will be conscious of how we are spending our money and when we need to use a credit card. With the pressure off a bit I think we can succeed.

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Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Good for you for setting concrete goals! Very inspiring.

I think being so honest about your finances (especially publicly!) is really admirable! That said, may I make a humble suggestion? How about putting half of your money that goes toward paying off your bills to work for you -- in an E-Trade account (ONLY provided one of you knows what you're doing and is willing to invest the time to follow it) or a an online savings account that yields a higher interest rate than what you have to payoff? Than move it quarterly (or depending on the market) to payoff debt.

Just a couple of idears...