Sunday, June 6, 2010

More House Inspiration

I picked up the latest issue of Architectural Digest yesterday. Seriously thinking about getting a subscription. But that is a blog post for another day.
Anyway, in the June issue the cover features Cher and her new LA apartment. All 4000 square feet of it on two floors. Last month I fell in love with Gerard Butler's New York Loft which you can see photos of in this post.

There are a lot of similarities that I like between Gerard and Cher's lofts. Both have large open spaces and generous, comfortable furnishings. Accessories include old or even ancient items such as tapestries and statues, in Cher's case an Opium bed. Where Gerard's loft is colorful, Cher's is serene with a monochromatic color scheme of creme, white and black. There are touches of color here and there in the form of orchids and accent pillows.

I love the carved woodwork that makes up Cher's kitchen and hides all of the appliances. The kitchen is really a wall with a large island that seperates the cooking area from the main living room.

Just off the kitchen is a spiral staircase up to the bedroom level. You can see it in this photo below of the living room. The kitchen is to the left and you can see the sofa cushions of the couch in the kitchen photo. Cher is a Buddhist which is evidenced by some of her sculptures.

I love the way the main living space opens up to the deck, making the deck an extended part of the living room. Both are so clutter free and so spacious. There are glass doors that fold back in to the wall to make the balcony a seemless and larger part of the main living space.
Detailed photo of a chez similar to the one on the balcony.

Up the spiral staircase is the bedroom level. It's all open with a living, bath and bedroom area. The tub has curtains that can be pulled around it for more privacy.
More carved woodwork can be seen in the bath area and behind the bed which is on a raised platform. Really love the linens and lighting too!

On a much smaller scale the ideas I have seen in Gerard and Cher's spaces are pretty much what the hubs and I want for our living space when we unload our condo and buy a house. It would be even better if it was on a lake.

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